Connect seamlessly to your geyser connect smart device, manage energy usage and enjoy significant savings.

What Is Geyser Connect?

Smarter Smart Homes

The most convenient way to remotely monitor and control smart devices, enabling homeowners to save energy, reduce costs and enhance security.

Reduce and Save

Geyser Connect will reduce your household geyser energy consumption by up to 30%, helping you save on your monthly electricity bill.

Do Your Part

We empower South Africans to optimise their home energy usage, promoting a more sustainable and efficient national energy ecosystem.

Geyser Connect Features

40 to 50% of your monthly household electricity bill is from using your geyser. Take control of your home energy consumption with the Geyser Connect, and start optimising your home geyser usage to fit your family's lifestyle.

Features also include:

Real-time alerts in the event of a geyser failure. Insurance links for speedy geyser claims resolution. Securely share control with family, visitors and tenants.

Here is what our customers have to say

“It was like clockwork! I was at work, I got an app notification and an email immediately, and a phone call within minutes. I knew exactly what was going on in my own roof before anyone back home even realised what had happened.”


"I was renovating at home and, without me knowing, the builders did something to the geyser. I received a call about the fault, I didn’t even know about the problem. It was pretty cool, they just came and sorted it out. It just happened. I love having a smart geyser and I’d recommend it to everyone, because they picked up the damage before it became a problem."


"I got the smart geyser installed because it was recommended to me. I received the notification that there was something wrong with my geyser and I called the call centre. They were organised, it was superb. I can say that this was a different experience because, I could phone someone and get it sorted out before anything bad happened."


"The day before Christmas, I got a notification telling me that there was a fault with the geyser. I phoned the office to tell them I received the alert and they took it from there. The next day, the plumber arrived to fix the problem. It just happened so quickly. The overall process was much easier than I expected..."


Smart Home. Smart App

The Sensor Connect SMART app links you to your SMART Home. Switch your geyser on or off, set the water temperature and schedule, or arm, disarm and monitor your home alarm system at the touch of a button.

Get access to real-time data, including your monthly energy usage and energy costs, and receive instant emergency notifications when it matters most.
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Sensor Networks is a proudly South African manufacturer
Sensor Networks proprietary hardware is proudly designed, manufactured and packaged locally, with trusted third-party providers from outside the country supplying IoT devices and sensors that integrate seamlessly with our vision for South Africa's smart-home revolution.
Sensor Networks is a proudly South African manufacturer
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